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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Avant - Had Enough Lyrics


Avant - Had Enough

I’m with your girlfriend
You stay on my mind
You can’t be mine
Cause you’re somebody else’s girlfriend

First time you let go
He was at the bar
You was on the floor
Got me off the map
…looking at me with a smile and love
Two rings on the sell
Can’t leave a voice mail
I don’t need to know
Times …. Just sweet


I am so ready for another round
Let me wondering when you are in and out
Got me hanging out with your girlfriend
… book for tonight
If you’re not the man who will do her right
Let me .. that so good
Come .. with your boy

Let me work that
So I ain’t gonna stop
Until you had enough
All night long I’m gonna hurt that
I ain’t gonna stop
Until you had enough

I .. let go
I .. shaking your walls
Set you on .. screams …
When you had a taste let me know
Freaky and under control
I’m in the .. let’s catch a role
You can be the stripper
I’m gonna bring the pro
Pop and drop them out those clothes


Just my temporary love affair
Once I go deep it ain’t even fair


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