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Monday, November 22, 2010

Young Chris - Air Out Lyrics


Young Chris - Air Out

Visions of a young boar, ready for that count war
Bring it to your front … death is what he kills for
Living life unsure, smoke weed, … talking to them pigs,
It’s like the shit you get hung for
When you dedicate to them streets
There’s one rule, never defecate what you eat
Never get up, put up a fight when you’re facing defeat
In this … fuck em but never put your face in the freak
Told me … niggers why I’m lazy and …
I’m the biggest stain since king James straight to the heat
While …
Taking … turning masters into slaves …
When that thing starts to squirt, and only gets worse
Never …shit in return, never …
Niggers this is how I’m living till I’m thriving in rehearse
Load em up, get your gun, nigger this division works
…Bitches with them slipping,
Young bar car needles, nigger this is where your … from
Differences I gotta …
Drama niggers give me none, baddest bitches give me some
Why you keep me here, no … baby give me gum
Cutting bag from my lungs, no weed, give me rum
Put it on my liver, all you pussy niggers say we jump
… when that boy picked up the pound,
… we don’t put them in the hospital, …we leave em found
It was … from the sound, well let’s just stop the paying …
I’m the fellow what the fuck are they yellin’?
I’m a gangster, zone full of danger and memory they page ya
Chances wanna hang us, never been to street boy here complete stranger
Is when they come like a bet, … like a ranger
But of war from Texas, get away when the text …
… they sing… and niggers death wish
Now this ain’t no restless shit, we only waste this shit,
Get the dipping now get the hitting with the West&Smith
Here we drip it, clip it, fully load it, take a hole …
… before you know it
Never told it…it’s like an extras in the movie we never nodes
Fuck all you niggers, the visuals we get it done

1 on: "Young Chris - Air Out Lyrics"
  1. In the very beginning, its not visions of a young "boar". nigga its "boul". Like "young boul"
    and why you saying nigers???
    some white boy must done this.