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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UNIT - Game Over (Remix) Lyrics


UNIT - Game Over (Remix)

Game over, know the game’s so odd
Skip the parts out when it stays on
And depends too
I’m ready but no foul play
I ain’t playing on
Game on, like the film with Gerard, no Butler
Polo like Gerard, captain but … walk alone
…in my yard
Rapes, super fighter, … costume, all the fighters
If he hears this and he still says that then he’s a hater
And I won’t mind it, more tools trying to combat physically no
Get pats, let’s combat lyrically
Fire, Liu Kang don’t want none, bang, flawless victory

… game over like the kids flow
While we sitting at home playing X box
Or Ps3 switch channel no panel what they all got the hump when they’re seeing Wii
Go insult me I could get lost
I’m a life to I’m dead trying to make things …
…cause hard work pays up now I’m a star in the hood
Fuck a day job, aiming the game trying to chart top
I’ma blow many … cheeks that cars touch drop, no Chinese
But she got what, … concentrate, so I’ma run, run, run straight
Cause I … a star like the great Barker holding the game like a district

Every step that I take the ground will shake
I bring the fear to make the earthquake
After the cake, let the …
But this one … name
Start from A that’s a long way, so I go from Jay to Z like Beyonce
I’m in the … fly all day, these girls … my songs and my name is Tray
What’s that … I make her … with my time, that’s my method
… but I’m trying to make her … I stay underground like the miners from Chile

Game over, mission aborted … don’t speak, who’s talking?
Justice free, he’s the one, and they’re like 3 plus one they’re for him
I’m the Nox, I don’t play but I bust right into the game
Streaking, I make your brains … sunny day but aligns me nothing on the goals
I can go right one, do you shows where I want,
And these chicks know what I want, you can … behind my back when I’m gone
But I’m riding the chicks so you know what I’m on
Game over, yes lights out, take over, I ain’t … I’m number one in my systems
I will never leave, the only game I play is wipeout

Weeks … you can take your pick
Cause we control the game, know, … like Camelot … no catalogs, pricks
… two time, it’s real
…sea shells but you won’t cause you’re just moist
Females, I’m the hardest case closed, retail
I ain’t fighting no fox no e mail better than me you’re confused
She male bunch of actors like sister acting this it’s about time …
Game over like the disk is scratched, cause.

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