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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trey Songz - Right Above It(Triggamix) Lyrics


Trey Songz - Right Above It(Triggamix) Feat Fabolous

She keeps telling me
You know you’re the shit
Ladies through your hands up
That’s if you’re the shit
Wake up in the club
And they knew I was the shit
Shiting on everybody
That’s .. bitch
You know you’re the shit

Glad you leave us to the shit
Hands were your heart is on
Mother fuckers salute this shit
Hands were your parts are
Still make a fucking movie
Girl knows what their parts are
.. who needs a smart car
Call me when is real
Fuck all this .. talk
Niggers don’t touch keys
Except for when they start hard
Bitches talking now ..
I bring the toaster wherever your parts are
Play a few ..
Get your ass berry
You should shut your fruity ass up raspberry
I still got that Rolls Royce .. black man
Got bitches chasing a ghost Miss Packman
I know you’re listening
I trace all ..
I buy .. to match my baseball caps
White navy join
Let’s watch the Yankees
I’m getting big deposits
You’re getting bank fees
You little nigger just remember that you ain’t me
Write your war speech and don’t forget to thank me
What am I to do know?
They try to be me on wax at Madame Tussauds
And you know I’m the shit
.. Cause ain’t nobody like me..

Ain’t nobody getting murdered
But I am the best man
I could be the greatest
I ain’t except a least thing
I had .. and that’s just from a section
They are all swelling .. digestion
Women dance on my … call them dick addict
.. I’m gonna brag at you shorty
You know I will probably have her
I won’t stop porn star
She’s a .. gather
Rocking platinum
I never got the plat
Still I .. of the six
I made it out nigger
You know ..
I got the game sewed up
Like some glue ..
You got it all fucked up like the ..
I got the girls getting low like the ..
I got some rich shit
You wanna be ..
Grab your purse nigger
Put your lipstick question
What the fuck are you staring at?
I am the shit boy
You can act your own girl
I’m gonna fuck yours
Until I get my own girl
You know I’m the shit
Ain’t nobody like me

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