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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trey Songz - Monster Lyrics


Trey Songz - Monster

.. mother f*cker you know .. wanted them
N*ggers so shady cause they know I’ve been sending them
The irrational methods
I’ve been trashing you in seconds
Wait until your spirit raises
Then act for your blessing

N*gger you should know
That I’m a mother f*cker monster
.. pretty women..
Supposed to give me …
.. first I’ll f*ck you
.. balls of a better man
.. eat your ass alive
Murder the other guys
While your ass it’s digesting in
I’m wondering
Should I put it on a …
I ain’t talking to no particular one of them

.. come again
I’m gonna make more money
Than I can ever spend
If you got a girls
Better lock her in
Cause the one that’s with me now
.. got some dumb n*gger .. on her belly
Let’s discuss this son
I’m not to be f*cked with
I have no fears
So I see no pears
I’m so f*cked ..
They’re not gonna see me here
I’m so f*cked grown
But you see no beard

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