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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trey Songz - Don't Forget Ya Ring Lyrics


Trey Songz - Don't Forget Ya Ring

Oooohh, yeahh
I must be leavin’ on a river
‘cause stupid
‘cause the flow is dump
I’m so blizzard nigger
I’m a walking cold front
Pretty woman with me just ..down
All she do is ..
Smoke …fantastic cold like after I closed the show
Apply baby, you maybe know about this show, hoo
Now I miss you
Like New York niggers ..
may have fathers bothered them
Child support, trigger.

Maybe I understand why niggers are mad of it
See like all the women thought of it
Sorry but you really I ain’t no jewel
What I want is …
Everything I have is everything you wear on you
Girl I’m telling you what you ain’t …
Girls, do your thing girl
Wish …
And when you leave don’t forget your ring girl
Don’t forget your ring, don’t forget your ring
Don’t forget your ring.

She got .. upon her post .. do your thing girl
And when you live don’t forget your ring girl
No disrespect to you … when I lay up with you woman
We don’t be kissing, we just be lick
Put the fuck it
You know what it is, you know we did

Bring us no …
Eyes ..I need to ..around
If life it’s just a bitch, just like niggers drown ..
But I’ll show you
..over there, over here..this section ..
Then we question ..cut out the sea section
Yes man, that’s what you got around you
Plus my …break it down and where I found uhh
Trigger world we’re ..
Would you predict this, I’m in shit
Hit in my fuckin’ ..
MC, cut the lights, saw with the pepper black or white
What could be better right
She tell me, push it, push it baby
…I spend it like I ..
… I’m in no ..
.. tell your friend
…try and get it in ‘cause I’m in
I’m going to win
I’m just in your …


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