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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tony Yayo - Lights Camera Action Lyrics


Tony Yayo - Lights Camera Action


Lights camera action
We can make a movie
Take 187 start shooting
Lights camera action
Even to our own …
Break time nigger …
Lights camera action
Let’s hear another shot
In the plot niggers getting shot
Lights camera action
We are out here shooting
So nigger don’t get caught in the …

The 4 door .. looking like a bottler ..
… bad .. bitches like they’re on parol
On that bullshit like …
.. turn your head in the sloppy ..
When I pull .. out
We can rock and roll
Keep it moving like …
Stop wearing dress shoes we can’t afford
Got the .. full of jewels bitches
.. bullet with a gun get rid of ...
Bullet proof doors got a nigger …
Already rich? Nigger …


Clips are death
.. another editor
.. take your frame out, put your …
When I’ll cut your ..
I won’t need a coordinator
Black diamonds like the …
Sex scenes after doing make –up
Wake up with a model bitch lying next to me
I leave a movie every day
I need a documentary
On a set with a .. shooter …
But we ain’t playing paintball
My chain is looking like the light …
.. ready to shoot the next scene, we’re packing


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