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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tokio Hotel - Hurricanes and Suns Lyrics


Tokio Hotel - Hurricanes and Suns

Love is a game for everyone. ..but this is you and me
We had a thousand lies about it .....
Hey, don't you know we just begun.

Come pain, come hurt , see the halo (ha-ha-halo) (2x)
hey, hey, hey (2x)

We ? the world that understand(s)...the feel we...
....time.....but together we'll be fine
hey, let's go and smile into the, into the end

Come pain, come heart ,see the halo (ha-ha-halo)
hey, hey,hey (2x) see the halo (ha-ha-halo)

Bridge: ...., the end of time
we movin' up in the halo, halo

Live and death (3x) see the halo (2x)
Come pain, come heart, see the halo, halo

hey, we fall.... halo (2x)

Till the sun won't shine till the end of time, see the hao, halo,halo (2x)
(heeey) hey, hey,hey

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