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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sebastian Cruz - Chasing Dreams Lyrics


Sebastian Cruz - Chasing Dreams Feat Miryel

Come on little girl build your dreams around you
And never let it fade
Always push yourself for the dreams you have
For the second day you had it made.
Expectations of life seem to build so fast.
But always getting out of reach
Unaware of the challenge that lay ahead
How it would bring you to your knees
But this journey takes on flight
An I think it’s telling me
To live my life
And play my part
This is how it’s meant to be


The years go by
And still I try
To prove myself who I can be
How did dreams start chasing me?
I won’t go down
Without a fight
To keep my head and chin over the water
Try to breach these .?. dreams seems harder today

A day a week
A month a year
Thinking it would come my way
I have done this before and yet it seems so hard
Is this it’s all I pay
Rumors of your voice go through my head
And it’s keeping me on track
Short enough the horizon it’s getting near
And now that I am back


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