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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reese - Blvd Cruisin Lyrics


Reese - Blvd Cruisin

I got my jazz on
And my fly T
Blowing good weed
That’s why they don’t like me
Cause when I pull up I’ll be fresher than a mother fucker

Slick stay fly
Jumping off the ..
Wish you saw the fresh kicks that made her knees buckle
I ain’t mean no …. Like small chuckle
Took the front on my shirt … the LV buckle
I get it by nature
I don’t struggle with the hustle
Lot of niggers thought they shut us
They are using too much muscle
I do this shit with ease
While I get quick dollars
Rhyme with my .. resemble Wallace
And he played for the same thing
He beat ..
And every day we keep it cool
.. hores and blow weight
She got a good hair color on her
I called her my .. kid


Look .. my bed
I ain’t even turn my swag on girl
There is a prim on every thing
I ain’t even pulled my tags off
You see boy
Fly passes when I’m bored
On boulevard the cut is … like a morphine
And everywhere I go
The more people start to notice me
.. smoking overseas
I ain’t got a .. to lie
I just ….
He ain’t cruising up the beat
Just another day …
I’m gone


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