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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reek Da Villian - Got Me Goin Crazy Lyrics


Reek Da Villian - Got Me Goin Crazy (Ft. Josh Xantus)

Got that pussy wet
To the full amount
I’m about to splash
I don’t wanna pull it out
Got a split second to make a choice
I wanna stop
But I can’t
Cause this is getting ..
No condom to come to my defense
Like a …
While I’m going deep
Like a .. receiver
Fuck it
I’ll be .. is there
And when I tell you stop
That’s when you start going in
Got me in my sweat suit Nelly
About to go half on a baby like R Kelly
So caught in the moment
Inside of you it’s so jelly
But . we’re sitting here both scary
So petrified of what we just did
Assumed .. we ain’t ready for a kid
But I did it once
So we might as well twice
Let me kiss you there to the ..
So we can go again


When I’m inside inside of you girl
I’ve been spaced all out in the zone
You got a brother going crazy
You got me thinking about making a baby
All night long (repeats)

Lil Mama looking so proper
It’s your private session girl
You’re shaking with the dollars
I wanna tae you in, into ..
No need for … tomorrow
That’s how I’ll be
Baby here is the key
Ain’t bedroom crib
No forcery
That’s how I go
That’s how I roll
Let’s take the trip to Porto Rico
Be my .. about the evil
Girl your body got me loco
I don’t wanna stop .. every drop


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