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Monday, November 8, 2010

Obie Trice - Anymore Done Lyrics


Obie Trice - Anymore Done

.. in years
….a few pears
Even share a few tears
For my niggers that ain’t here
But even for up there
They are whispering the boy’s ear
Said Obie I heard you stay clear
Cause you don’t even .. air
Bring fire all the time ..
And I’m gonna serving him
From .. him
From in and out
And I’m deserving this
.. purchase back then
No rehearse, no acting
No react means also no ..
Rehearse tryin’ to bring them back to me
Are you the same person made them platinum?
Plus you’re only nigger did that way ..
School crap ad put a hole in your chest
No I’m not .. of course I’m not easy
I’m rapping the .. dizzy
So what? When I see what the .. be
They won’t deceive me
Hear me? that’s so busy
I’m getting twisted like in and out niggers do

Shady that’s my purge we’re always be cruel
Got to take it back to J-Rule
Bach to ..
We gone do what it do
Pulled in my hair
Lose ..
A motor skill got to take another .. wheel
I’m living proof that a death certificate it’s not definite
Unless you nigger got my roof bill
Watch you see play people to the … ain’t real
Reach it now expire .. empire
Being me
Be you me
When I cross overly a role model mother hood
Take a hole of a soldier
Than it take two and turn to an order
When you can’t get it off the label will stay
This ain’t depresy this is the grassy
48 and weight..
Just to be in public or around the people you loving
Still keep it in the cover
Bring that shit out
Mean something
We need to het bottom ..
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