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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nelly k.I.s.s. Lyrics ft. Dirty Money & Murphy Lee


Nelly feat. Dirty Money & Murphy Lee - k.I.s.s.

Got me on a mission
I wanna get you in .. position
I don’t wanna keep my cool baby
I can keep my distance
Nice to meet you
I’ll be in your attention
I’m so into you
I just wanna be your lover
On the floor
On the chair
When I’m kissing you
I can’t think about another
Girl turn the lights on


You’re my pride and joy
You’re my baby boy
People ask me
How I found you
They ask me
If I love you
And I’m crazy about you
I want your love
Kissing you it’s all about I’ve been thinking off
Kissing you it’s uuuu (repeats)

See I’m gonna go kissing you
.. shorty you will never
…out girl I was built for pleasure
I’ll make your body start raining
I’ll change the weather
Let it fall on me
I don’t need no umbrella
From the back from the back
From the front from the front
On the side
Mama here it comes

I just wanna be your lover
Now sing it for me girl


I’m in my Lexus ..
Talking to my text buddy
Said I forget about her
Thinking about my next money
Not only .. honey kiss is what I think of
You got me . far what’s the code so we can ..
Kitchen floor kitchen table fuck the whole sink
The .. on your back open like a ..
The mess that we’re making we can blame it on the liquor
If that’s not enough you can blame it on Murphy


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