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Monday, November 22, 2010

Missy Elliott - Swat Dat Fly Lyrics


Missy Elliott - Swat Dat

Check this out, base, base
You’re ready, you’re ready
Don’t come around hear your own the problems
This is the kind of beat the … won’t borrow
Superman ain’t even got these kind of powers
To make the hottest rapper rap … whack in sour
With the light flowers give me an hour
I could get the free style all the way to …
Call me you chubby chicks …
But I aim for your brains like a bow and arrows
Rushly dressing my …
… come down like an April shower
Singing my rap it’s like a Christmas carol
… from the head of the barrel
I got a clean version for the kids …
More controversy than 50 …
Before you won the battle but I’m throwing the towel
Not my goodies but I go to …

Swat, swat dat fly, don’t let it, swat X 3

I ride mikes around … I just might
Change music yo all fools lose sight
I make brackets and breaking brackets while yo all fight
Oh yeah, you’re messing with the M to the I
My carrot’s still bright, they make light
For no price … life
This flight first class I must fly
Lambos and … I gotta ride,
Oh my, my my, I’m on to fly.

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