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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Krazie K & Little O - If Ever Lyrics


Krazie K & Little O - If Ever

[First Verse] Krazie K

if ever again, the song that started it all
give this mic a ten, through the hard times it kept me standin tall
who was my motivation, you were
with every track that i drop its like new kicks fresher and newer
never knew how you felt, but everytime i talked with you my heart would melt,
didnt knew if you could tell
i wanna tell you now that i really do miss them times,
like the stars in the sky you kept them aligned,
working in the summer you would always make my nights,
dem late night chats had my heart filled with delight
elevated love like i was on a flight,
struggled for your love baby i did fight
now everything changed, love is out of range.
even our friendship seems to be gameover,
if only we could start over, this friendship of ours,
get it up high again just like a tower


There's someone in love with you, you know
Just don't wanna let that feeling show
Because they're not sure that you could ever feel the same

[2nd Verse] Little O

You see, I gotta show inside, I gotta play my part
I gotta be the one whose never gonna break apart
And still I tried again, just hoping that you know it's true
to tell you how I feel every time when I'm with you
And think about the times, the times I try to tell
to think i had a chance, is just a fool without a shell
I'm drowning in these words, just hoping that one day
accept me for the reason, why I'm still right here today
Believe that it's true, I really want to tell
but baby we're just friend, how the hell am I suppose to?

I know we barely met, I gotta show inside
cuz baby you deserve only someone that will just
Someone that shows, somebody that can shine
somebody that will say, "baby just be mine"
So listen to my heart and trust in me one time
If ever you would be, if ever you were mine

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