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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jaysaun - On Your Job Lyrics


Jaysaun - On Your Job

I’ve seen you baby at the corner store
Ass looking so .. I was on a …
She could even tell me
You came here to see a kid
You’re stuck in place you ain’t change
Got both feet way too deep in the game
All you wanna do is bang bang and …
So like a politician on a trail .. campaign
How long does it take to obtain your thing?
She’s been patiently waiting to make a break for the exit
Accidently tripping bump her head on the next day
And I was just right there waiting my turn
So generous just donate the sperm
All you really gotta do is neglect your home
When I catch ….
Pussy … Maxico
But I don’t love her no flowers no ex no offer

Got to get on your job
Get on it

My passport is full
I can’t count the stamps
On tour around the world
I can’t count the tramps
See you see them all as love of your life
But to us they are just entertainment for the night
Not to mention it’s been months since you heat that right
I can’t figure why you let the pussy get that tight
Just thinking this is rustling tack me in
Would a light stretch of yoga .. you stretch and bend
All you got to do id fuck or are you too tired
She wanna do .. you’ve been fired
I’m happy as a free slave I’ve been hired
So put her on a ultra … slim and diet
…dropped the bitch home
She was Jewish.. and I was gone

Got to get on your job
Get on it

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