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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jae Cardiac - JAE (Just Attack Everything) Lyrics


Jae Cardiac - JAE (Just Attack Everything)

Jae tells niggaz stop the drama; No DJ
Take a break; a Recess, no TJ
Im back; it's lights out...get your Pjays
Wartime, nigga; drop bombs like D-Day
Get on my level; Step up, no 3D
Watch my back or see my face on the CD
I want the crown; Gimme that like Breezy
Cuz I'm a go getta by the way; no Jeezy

Married to the mic; forever show it love
I took the torch and I ran; get me a persian rug
Tearinn the game apart; ignore the surgeon gloves
And hate's a drug that too many niggaz have versions of.
Ain't got time for all the beef; I'm on my rocker shit
Eat beats; Take the track and Betty Crocker it
Cook it; What does it take to make a stalker quit?
Don't care about the opposition cuz I conquer it

Ok, Finally the pen's back to the paper

Lyrics saying all I do is win like the lakers
Im a taker; straight confidence breaker
And I'm staying on my grind making dough like the baker
Making bundles looking thicker than Nicki
Stacks like Kat, and you're the mouse; no Mickey.
No pity; the game's too tricky
Cuz niggaz with a heart finish last in this city!

So stunning leveled up from the tazor
Lyrics got you squirming pon di floor like Major
Lazer. They pop eyes; no sailor
So when I spit, your end's coming swift; but no Taylor!
I'm in the redzone, nigga. Drew Breesinn in it
Hustle for the cake; you need the ingredients
Dont love me. Respect, though? Im seizinn it
Rap without me's like a blunt with no trees in it!
Okay, I stay fly like mosquitoes
Eight hour shifts making chips like doritos
Life's a gamble; better leave the casino
Because I spit heat like I eat jalepenos!
[Yeeah!] So gold medal. Im a winner
Jenny Craig rhymes; make your chances look slimmer.
I'm raw; I dont let the beef simmer
Cuz the lion first disperses the flock then eats dinner!

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