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Monday, November 8, 2010

Elizabeth Ashley Ft. Andre - Airplanes Remix Lyrics


Elizabeth Ashley Ft. Andre - Airplanes Remix

Very single one of us alive has a dream,
Always thinking that the grass on the other side is green.
Wishful thinkers, firm believers who never lost their hope,
Despite the fact that sometimes they hit the end of the road.
We've all had the times when we cry all night,
We've all had the times when tears blurred our sight.
We've all had the times when we just felt like dying.
At the end of the day in our dreams we are flying.
The secret is there's no secret at all,
Gotta learn from our mistakes and from everytime we fall.
When you fall you gotta get up off the ground,
Dust yourself off and take a good look around.
Cuz sooner or later we will all realize,
That the grass was always greener on our very own side.
Once that settles in that's when your life really begins,
Cuz then you'll start living for yourself from within.

Somebody once told me that this life is unfair,
But what exactly is your definition of fair?
When I take a step back and take a view of my life,
I'd say from what I can see it's turning out alright.
I got family and friends always close by my side,
Good health and clear visions reside up in my mind.
The pen in your hand and the pages are clear,
Start living your life and stop living in fear.
Go do what you want to do and be who you wanna be,
Go out and do it, don't sit and be a wannabe.
Sitting, waiting, wishing won't get you anywhere,
Chase your dreams now cuz one day they might not be there.
What will you sacrifice for success later on?
Will you work for your dream until you're dead and gone?
In this life there's no easy way out to an easy route,
So tell me, what will your legacy be about?

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