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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Drique London - World Premiere Lyrics


Drique London - World Premiere

Cause ain’t no beans coming in between me and my dreams, see what I mean black
A mix tape … still got it, stop it … my pockets resemble hawk
This is art, Andy Warthog, all I need is a brush and something to paint on
Kicks cans, lose their patience, watching you suckers hide behind …
Mad … hv spraying, … what I got on, I’m on
Life from the cat come back, all nigger that think they’re tough
Which means I shoot dreams … true colors
When I realize I’m color blind,
I’m blinded by you boys, dead be on the ice like Roy
Crack my car up while I’m chasing the dash
Fantasizing about Stacy …
Hommie that’s just a dream, it seems
That’s all we do it MC, cause most nigger’s NV, Nevada
Listen, where I’m from, there’s no handouts, hands free while she’s speaking in my ear
Ain’t much change since last year, just got a little fatter

They mistaked my stomach for my wallet,
Pilot tell the stewardess alert fire, because my fly launches 5 minutes
Call Mr. Wilson cause I’ve been a menace since I left the Guinness
They told me I’ve been showing too many rappers
I’m after the cream young …, worm nigger, man up like an aircraft attendant
This is the beginning, what’s written is my life long dreams
I have dreams of me kissing the ceiling
Words as unique, turn beasts to masters
And burning to the …
I leave rappers in my ... pad and then I run … tracks

Cause ain’t no beans coming in between me and my dreams, see what I mean black
Shot south… shoe me love, doc music rules, Carolina … to be exact.

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