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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charles Hamilton - Whats My Name Lyrics


Charles Hamilton - Whats My Name

Hello satire, parody
I have master language
Why battle me?
.. is in your mouth like cavity
Only one me
Make you threat your tongue like lunch me
..up talk though when you reply
But I’m one guy you have yet to beat up
I thought .. how to see brighter days
Walk up the room and think about what I have just said
You shoot movies I wouldn’t walk to cause I’m not guy
.. is trying to be black and look like grey
I’m cool like a hot wave
I break rules and .. straights
Hence my arrival … you bitch
When I walked in he was ….
Turn you head to … start kissing his dick
… I don’t get into this shit
You wanna get serious let’s talk satellite radio
And all your ratios and your .. ladies
I’m strapped with 80 globes ready to explode
Cause basically I told people transformation is dope
Me and J make dough
You make a felatio
You think you fly jets? ….
Rihanna … not me
My … is not weak I floss my teeth
I ate her in a battle by grabbing the microphone
You all press play so all microphones I own
… so I don’t care if the video .. it’s pretty or not
I do have a fan … and both of you walk the hill in fancy heels
My attitude is: you all can’t be real
…and mediocre bars will simple stand still
Any man can and any man will try to .. in a minivan and let the .. spill
The problem is you ain’t even a …
So crack up sniff a pill
Someone put a fucking tattoo on his head
From the neck up you look like my ball
And it’s smooth as an egg
So stop making dog faces
My left and right ball …..
And as I compared this .. as one of my balls
This nigger opened his ….
But it’s funny I sound like you when you’re away from the mommies
I crack gin like ….every rapper who doesn’t like you
Beat them all out and just like you watch them get flushed in a Ludacris cycle
… standing in the streets lights asking nigger about pipes
Serious matters … imperial after
And I’m here for your laughter
I’m 5-8 with a cardigan and I’m …. On your daughters chin
…me and you mom can talk again
Let your thoughts begin so I can cough in them
I look homeless .. for years
Threated 3 mil like .. money so cheers
You look like a empty roll of paper towels
And I’m shitting right now so don’t play around
Wipe my ass with your face when I rip your head off
Mister … get your bitch and quit the …
System hits in different measures of thought
… consider a floss
Floss my teeth
You’re driving me to eat you
So my shine could be your flash as I walk into the streets
….you need to get off his meat
Jones don’t try to talk to me
Don’t respond to me
Your entire existence lacks honesty
I commonly speak you want comedy
I watch a sitcom called your mom and me
Nigger you too can be hanged from a Joshua tree
You have lost again a fact you have got to believe
This isn’t a dish track this is a founding father trying to get at a local politician because .. wait
I’m the founding father and you’re not my current local
So you serve no purpose like virgin …
I leave … on your …
I’m fucking you wife daughter and rap career in the throw whole
Lyrically I’m a dick head still got you on your …
My watch is platinum and pink diamonds I don’t care if I go gold
Oh shit! I got a little gold in my watch too
World might .. upload you but no one wants to watch you
How serious are you? When Ludacris dropped you
Before you step into any … music should stop you
Charles Hamilton

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