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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Rob - Up North Lyrics


Black Rob - Up North

Up North

Best leaders, broke niggers, smoke .. up North
I ain’t seen .. niggers calling a cab up North
.. while you wait up North
Should have told they couldn’t take a .. up North
So … call a naughty …. up North
But I’m in a .. that’s how I rock up North
Been stabbing nigger that they ain’t gonna stab up North
It was funny I see …. up North
They’ll be walking straight they won’t … up North
I get deviated and I open up the .. up North
Gave me two weeks I took him to the top up North
I know some real dudes they won’t try to knock up North
They’re gonna be .. a hard time … up North
I got the .. shape AKA .. up North
But don’t … I got your boys shot up North


See I could be how you want to be
All you got to the is six .. one to three
Up North
I can be Kingston of your block
.. not controlling …. Can’t stop
Up North
.. thousand cars shooting a thousand balls
Up North

Now see what I do
I can eat up North
Type of due ..
Keep up North
Lot of talking
All about the streets up North
For your ..
You won’t hear a beep up North
For the most parts .. up North
All .. do
Is running around with no teeth up North
Fuck the way ..
Do smoke weed up North
.. if swag lights up the party
You can speak up North
The biggest mistake
Is looking like you’re weak up North
.. is sad but I lost a lot of good beefs up North
.. then they start singing like a .. Beyonce .. up North


I haven’t seen where … try to flip up North
Fake blood niggers get kicked up .. up North
.. stressed out for thinking about some shit up North
.. she ain’t take a trip up North
She ain’t even seen a kid … step up North
She hates her blood so he turns up North
Got small shit … from .. up North
Some good shit it ain’t by…up North
If you don’t .. don’t even try kick up North
For you limitations .. get up North
You want it bad enough you might get … up North
.. learn to cheat .. up North
And they learn quick how to be .. up North
All the heads … be a shit up North
So how you’re looking all happy .. up North


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