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Thursday, November 18, 2010

2eleven - Tales From My Neighborhood Lyrics


2eleven - Tales From My Neighborhood


You know I hustle til the end of me
Get them to me and move them out
Want it to the enemy we get it until we shut it out
Big.. spin through
I bet a nigger can’t imagine what I’ve been through
Tales from my neighborhood
Tales from my neighborhood
Tales from my neighborhood
Tales from my neighborhood

.. like a soldier
Niggers go wild .. fucked over
Hardly anticipated …
Catch on a avenue still I own my ..
.. I demand the respect
I live with .. ended on my life term
.. wasn’t thinking in my right mind
..yell at night
Serve from a front porch
Until I find the morning light
Get them all of it .. night
.. let it ride it like a motorbike
I’ve been ..
How you like me now?
Still hungry, rats on the menu
Selling out the .. spot to the …


..closed up for our sons
Turned up for our daughters
My pops ain’t do shit for me
That’s why I’m like fuck my father
I’d be the black author
Nigger the streets tales
Wishing black in the white males world
Like eat well
And if you .. you won’t make it out
Real nigger smell lames
They know you can’t fake us out
.. break us out
Even ….
Now nigger you see full
I got to get .. new shoes
Had a rough 4 minute
But you’re far from over dude
Play ….you’re gonna get a whole magazine
The whole team is sick .. a whole magazine


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