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Monday, November 29, 2010

1982 - 82 92 Lyrics


1982 (Termanology And Statik Selektah) Ft Mac Miller - 82-92

We’ve been making that classic shit
Rapping over some mad kids
Immaculate … average kids
Bee with the .. bitch dance …
You heard me … you only know half of it
Keep it funky like I need some money
…and I ain’t even trying to get some …
Mother fuker you’ll be .. shifted
.. take pictures .. bitches
…. fuck around and just kicked on my back yard
I’m on a roll
Hitting shows with some bad boys
… know what hip hop is
Everybody hear me like it’s my …
Hey yo .. gonna kick that shit

Stay by me ….
I’m imagining
The wax …
Just out spit her
Come and see her
I’m a cash getter
I smash with her

And it’s a great look
Call me to handle it
It’s all money ….
Ever since .. go and live it up

I’m better than … hate on them
I’m skating .. upon him
Bitches gonna be making me lemonade and cupcakes
.. my dick bitch tell me how …
We are like .. trying to get this puff cake
We’re bad boys for real .. out of space
I put her body …
I ain’t as lame as you
…amazing view
A million rappers in the game
But I’m gonna make it soon
They spend their money from ..
Squash you like a tomato
…my mommy take that pillow
…is unreadable
Wonder around with a ….
Born in 92
But you rhyme like you’re from 82

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